Ask any Top Blogger in your Niche what the most important thing in Blogging is and they will all tell you in one way or another,

“Your content has to be amazing.”

That’s pretty much it.

It sounds so easy, but it’s the one thing that almost all Bloggers struggle with.

Forget getting a post to go viral, but how confident are you really that the next post you write will get loads of clicks and reads?

Writing a viral Blog Post will bring you gobs of traffic for years to come.Blogging Income Reports that show you how more blog traffic can help you earn more money online.

This is extremely useful if you’re trying to get your post to convert to leads or product sales. So, every Blogger must know how to write a viral blog post.

If you truly believe that writing a viral post depends on luck or is completely accidental, that’s where you’re wrong.

There is a secret formula to creating a viral Blog Post.

And if you follow it, word to word, you cannot go wrong. So, go grab a mug of coffee/tea because this is going to be one extremely detailed, extensive post.

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First, let’s look at features of a viral blog post.

Characteristics of a Viral Blog Post

1. Invokes a strong emotion like joy, nostalgia, anger, sadness, etc.
2. Gets tons of social media shares and comments (due to the previous point)
3. Helps you get lots of backlinks
4. Boosts your overall traffic

Okay, now that we understand what constitutes a viral blog post, it will be easy for us to dissect a viral blog post point by point so that we can actually create one!

The Fundamentals of Writing a Viral Blog Post

1. Understand your target audience

Once you know your niche and exactly who your readers are and what struggles they are facing on a daily basis, generating content ideas becomes a piece of cake.

Once you have your target audience and your ideal reader’s profile in hand, writing posts and creating products for them becomes a piece of cake.

Remember, writing great content is good for you. But writing the right content that your audience needs right now is even better.

Every post you write must be of value to your readers. Always ask the question, “How are my readers going to benefit from reading this post?”

Only then, should you continue!

So, spend some time trying to figure out who your target audience really is and what they really want from your Blog. This will help reduce your bounce rate tremendously!

2. Know your end goal

Knowing your end goal is very important before you start writing your blog post. This will help you write a viral blog post.

Before you write a Blog post, you must decide on your call-to-action. Is it to

1. Raise Brand awareness?
2. Generate leads or boost email sign ups?
3. Focus on an Affiliate Product?
4. Push sales to one of your Digital Product?
5. Direct them to your Services page?

Or is it something else entirely?

Whatever your call-to-action may be, do not aim for more than 1-2.

This will help your readers focus on just the one call-to-action and will be much more effective in helping them take the required action.

Researching like a Mad Woman

3. Generate viral content ideas

There are many methods I use to discover viral content ideas which I talk about in my eBook – The Secret Sauce to Skyrocketing your Blog Traffic, but I’m going to share 2 of my favorite methods here.

1. Learning from your competitors

Log on to and type in your Competitor’s URL. See which posts have gotten the most shares. And repeat this search for at least 4-5 of your Competitors.

By studying Buzz Sumo and analyzing your competitor's best posts, you'll be able to find content that will please your ideal blog reader.

This will give you a general idea on what is fairing well, trending right now and what people love to share or go ga-ga about. It is important because it helps you discover popular topics to write about.

2. Looking up Pinterest’s Most Popular Pins

Go to Pinterest and type in keywords that you’re currently interested in or that you want to write about. Look up the pins that get over 1K-5K repins and note the common theme. See what keywords they’re using or what kind posts are related to the topic. Are they tutorials? Or case studies? Or lists?

In my niche, I discovered that Productivity and Income Reports did extremely well, so I worked on both of those extensively!

And they both ended up becoming super viral.

4. Choose a long-tail keyword

What are keywords and why are they important?

Well, I’ll tell you sugar!

Keywords are the words or phrases your readers are going to type into a search engine to find a blog post that answers their question or helps bring an end to their search.

For egs, if I’m making a chocolate cake, I’m going to type “simple chocolate cake recipe” into Google. That is a keyword.

A long-tail keyword.

Include long tail keywords in your post. This will help boost your SEO and your blog traffic will automatically increase.

By narrowing down your focus, and using the right keywords in your blog post, you are helping your post climb up onto the first page of Google’s search results.

So how do you find the right keyword?

First off, open Google Keyword Planner. It’s free. You will need to create an Ad account first. Then go to ‘Tools’ and select Keyword Planner.

Once you’re in, type in your idea. I’m going to type in cheesecake recipe and see what I find:

There are loads of results, but the key to getting a good keyword is being specific. “Low Competition” means, your blog post has a very good chance of making it to the front page of Google!

So, instead of using “cheesecake recipe” as a keyword, try “no bake cheesecake recipe” or “lemon cheesecake recipe.”

Sprinkle these keywords throughout your blog post to make it SEO rich.

There is a lot more to choosing Keywords that I also talk about in my eBook, but I will definitely make a more detailed post soon!

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5. Write a click-worthy headline

I’ve read that 8 out of 10 people don’t click on a blog graphic, if the headline is meh.

This is a very scary thought. Because it means you have only one chance to woo your readers, so use it!

Your blog post title should be simple and easy to read. But at the same time, it should be catchy so that people click on it!

Here are some tips to consider when you’re writing your blog post headline.

  • Let your blog title be short and sweet. Anything over 60 characters is too long!
  • Use bright and catchy adjectives like “effective,” “super,” “amazing,” or “incredible.”
  • Try and arouse the reader’s curiosity, for egs. Teach your puppy how to sit with this simple trick! Read how!
  • Use numbers. People love seeing digits in a blog header, for egs. 100 ways to draw a person
    The key to have an amazing blog is to not only know how to find your target audience online but also to stand out from the competition in whatever you do.
  • Use negative headlines once in a while. They do wonders for clicks! 10 Reasons why you’re not losing weight.

After I’m done coming up with my blog topic idea, I sit and scribble down about 5-10 headlines. I then read through them once or twice before selecting one I think will actually be click-worthy.

Fleshing out your content

6. Write an attention-grabbing intro

Now, that you’ve learned how to research blog post ideas, come up with keywords and craft an eye-catching headline, all that’s left to do is to write a blog post that is out-of-this-world brilliant.

Once the reader clicks onto your blog post by reading your gorgeous and seductive headline, they take 2-3 seconds to decide if your blog post is worth it.

That is why it is important to craft an introduction that sticks.

Do not be boring.

Write an introduction that empathizes with the reader. Show the reader you care.

Consider this example:

You’ve stepped onto the scale and you’re dreading looking down.

You know nothing good could have come out of eating that big cheese pizza last night…

And now you have to pay.

A good intro, reels in the reader, promises them what they will learn or accomplish by reading the post and gets them to stay on the page.

Here are a few key points to note when writing an introduction.

  • Tell a light story that’s slightly personal and related to the blog post.
  • Start with a little sense of humor to tickle their sides.
  • State an amazing fact and show your readers how the steps in your blog post are going to achieve this.
  • Reveal the result of your blog post and establish what the reader is going to learn by reading your blog post.

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7. Format your Post to make it easier to read

This is where all your expertise on your blog post comes in. While writing your blog post, try and use your long-tail keywords throughout the post.

Be informative.

Your blog post should tackle one problem. Break down the solution into nice, tiny pieces so the reader can engulf all the information without getting overwhelmed.

This involves using appropriate headers and sub-headers.

Do not write long, long paragraphs.

Ain’t no one got time for that!

If you don't format your posts properly, you will run the risk of people skimming your posts and not reading anything. Make sure you use appropriate headings and sub-headings. Break up lengthy paragraphs into bulletin points.

Break up large bodies of text by inserting headers or images wherever necessary.

Images really help boost the virality of a blog post. It makes it easy for people to share, tweet or pin.

You have to make your blog post interesting.

And unpredictable.

While you’re writing, let your words flow. Pretend you’re talking to someone across the room. Someone who’s asking you about the topic you’re going to write. That way, it won’t feel forced.

Aim for 2000 words. Viral blog posts are generally long and cover a topic extensively.

In one of my favorite books – Content Inc that taught me how to write blog posts like a pro, I learned that there is a knack for writing content.

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And if you follow that formula, you cannot fail to impress your readers and get them to subscribe.  It’s a very good book and I really suggest you give it a read to up your Blogging game.


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8. Write an apt conclusion

Once you’re done writing your Blog post, it’s time for the conclusion. This is where you push your readers to take action.

And act on that call-to-action.

You can encapsulate all the points you’ve just covered.

Your readers have just learnt something new. This is the perfect time to get them to act on it or motivate them to try out what they’ve just read.

They’re excited. And you need to use this burst of energy to help your Blog grow. You can give them a few resources, or ask them to subscribe to your Blog or leave a comment.


The Add-Ons

9. Don’t forget the little add ons to your Blog Post

Once you’ve finished writing your post and it looks all pretty and perfect, remember to add the most important features:

1. Create a good (and sharable) blog graphic.

When creating your blog graphics, make sure you stick to a theme.

Anyone laying eyes on my graphics, know that the post is associated with Stray Curls. It’s pretty unique.

You don’t need to create illustrations. Even if you use Stock Photos, make sure you stick to 2-3 fonts. Include your web URL below so people on Pinterest know that the image leads to your website.

Speaking of Pinterest, you have to read how Pinterest helped me get 18,000 pageviews in my 3rd month Blogging.

2. Embed videos in your posts

This is a really good way to keep people on your website for longer and decrease your bounce rate. People are moving to images and videos these days because the world is getting so much more visual.

Although you can take photos and videos with your iPhone, it is better to use a camera for Vlogging because the quality of the photos and videos will be astounding. Making sure that you get better traffic and views!

And you can film videos either with your laptop, phone or use an inexpensive vlogging camera.

3. Interlink to old blog posts that you’ve written within your current blog post.

This is a good way to let your readers know more about your blog and stay on it. By showing them that you write about similar topics, they’ll realize that you’re an expert in said topic and may end up subscribing to your blog.

4. Include affiliate links or links to products that you think will help your readers.

Since your reader landed on your blog post, they’re obviously looking to learn more about the topic. Be a good little dear, and share some resources that you feel will help your reader.

10. Proof-read your Blog Post

Your post is neeeearly there.

But this step is pretty crucial because we as bloggers do not want to come off as village idiots.

By using a good proof-reading app like Grammarly, you can save yourself a lot of time that you would normally spend editing posts.

Therefore, proof-read.

Or better yet, use Grammarly.

Read your blog post twice just to check for itsy-bitsy spelling errors or grammatical mistakes. After that, check for broken links or see if any images have to be updated.

11. Pump up the SEO

Once, you’ve done all of the above, you need to throw your blog post in a bright orange jacket so it’s visible for all to see.

Other than checking if you’ve included your keywords in the content of your blog post, blog post title, and sub-headers, make sure you add it in the alt tag of your image.

To do this, you can go to your media folder, and click on your featured image.

I even sprinkle the keywords in the description so it’s easily identifiable.

You’ll also want to get yourself the Yoast SEO plugin because this is one of the best SEO plugins ever! I mean, I haven’t even heard of anything else. That’s how good it is!

Once you have that plugin installed, scroll to the bottom of your post and edit your snippet. Include your keywords in your slug and meta-description.

All this makes your post SEO rich and helps your post float to the top which in turn helps your post land before a thousand eyes.

Pretty neat, huh?

This is one of the best ways to market your online business.

A few posts to help you gain traffic:

12. Publish and promote.

I know you’re probably tired after doing all this work, but after creating the perfect viral blog post, you need to let your baby fly.

After you hit the publish button, your readers aren’t going to magically be drawn towards your post.

Your post needs to parade in front of them till they click on it.

A few ways to promote your post are:

  • Create 2-3 blog post featured images and include it in the post. This doubles your chances of getting the post discovered.
  • Use your email marketing software to notify all your peeps of the blog post.
  • Share it via social media. This is where your pretty blog graphic comes in handy.
  • Reach out to Influencers or Blogging Buddies to get more eyes on the post.
  • Engage in Facebook Groups and see if anyone requires more help. Your link will come in handy here.
  • Try to help out people in comment threads who are looking for a solution to their problem. If your post answers a particular question, don’t be afraid to send that link to someone who’s desperately seeking Sally a solution.

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And finally, once you have your first viral post take off, don’t be afraid to write more or make changes to older posts.

Constantly research, and look up your Analytics to see which posts are doing better than others.

See if you can add more links or images (or Infographics) to those posts and re-publish them so that they do even better.

Maintaining a Blog is a lot of work but extremely worth the effort because it’s your very own Baby. So, don’t be afraid to invest in your Blog in order for it to grow.

And the more you nurture it and care for it, the faster it will show you results.

Don’t forget to sign up for my free email course that will teach you to double your blog traffic!

Grow your blog traffic with this lovely free 5 day email course that will teach you how to double your blog traffic and automatically grow your blog!

Have any more questions?

Who is your target audience? Let me know in the comments below!

Please feel free to hit me up in the comments below.