If you asked me what the quickest way to make money online with your website is, I would tell you it’s ads and affiliate marketing.

It’s very easy to start a blog, but it does take time to get traffic and monetize the website.

Ads and affiliate marketing are the best passive income sources because they require little to no maintenance. You just have to keep your blog running, and the money will come in every month while you sleep.

However, many Ad Networks require you to be in good standing with Google AdSense (like Mediavine, Ad Thrive, etc.) because they work mainly with Google Ads.

So, it is imperative that you get Google Adsense approval in order to get accepted into these programs easily.

Ads work well with niched blogs.

It is better to start a niched blog (that focuses heavily on one topic) because it grows very fast, and you can make almost $500-$1K in a year if you publish 10-20 posts consistently every month and focus on SEO.

I recently started a niched blog in the art niche, and it’s almost 3 months old.

I plan to start monetizing it with ads after I complete 6-8 months of blogging.

It’s already received over 600 pageviews this month (and may hit 1K), and you can see that the traffic is almost beginning to take off.

pageviews for my third blog

It usually takes 6-8 months to get this kind of organic traffic.

But because I am publishing many posts each month and using in-depth keyword strategies (writing blog posts focusing on low-competition topics), I am already ranking for over 200 keywords at this point.

Keywords I am ranking for

I will discuss what I did for my second blog (Mind Space Cafe) to get approved and how I plan to speed up my process for my 3rd blog.

In this post, I want to talk about how to get AdSense approved fast so that you can monetize your blog ASAP.

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12 Methods to getting Adsense Approved fast

They’ve made the rules a lot more strict in 2022, and it’s very difficult to get approved as of 2022.

Because a lot of people are starting blogs, they only want to work with serious bloggers.

So, even though it’s harder, it isn’t impossible.

Please check if you are eligible for Google AdSense before applying. 

Also, please read this Tutorial by Google to understand more about AdSense. 

Okay, if you’ve decided to move forward, here are some tips you can use to get approved quickly.

1. Get the fundamentals right

It may be harder to get AdSense approval if you have a free blog.

So, please buy paid hosting for your blog. You can go with either Bluehost International/Bluehost India (if you’re an absolute beginner) or Dreamhost (I am currently on Dreamhost for all of my websites and they’re pretty inexpensive) if you are already getting over 20K page views and need better speed at an inexpensive rate.

Please choose a .com domain as it is preferred over anything else.

2. You should have the necessary pages on your website

You must have an About page that preferably states the following:

  • An introduction to who you are, how old you are, and where you are located.
  • Your qualifications (especially if you are blogging about anything health/finance related)
  • Why did you start the blog, and when
  • Your most popular blog posts (skip if your blog is new)
  • Where people can get started (blog posts people can start reading)

Read this post to build an excellent About Me page.

Please note that if you’re writing anything related to health, you have to take extra steps to prove that you are an expert.

You have to prove you are an expert to get approved by Google AdSense

For example:

  • If you are writing vegan recipes, you must prove that you are a nutritionist.
  • If you are talking about mental health or self-care, you must show that you have a degree in Psychology or experience in the field.
  • If you’re covering pregnancy topics, you need to show you are a nurse or doctor, or some sort of healthcare professional.
  • If you are talking about danger or safety of any kind, you need to show your qualifications.

In the last 2 years, Google has decreased traffic to websites that deal with safety (especially if experts do not write them).

So, if possible, stay away from writing websites like these.

Additionally, you will need a Privacy Policy and a Terms of Conditions page.

Amira has the best legal templates you can buy here.

3. Your website’s navigation should be very easy to navigate

For instance, all your categories should be in your menu. Do not have more than 4-5. It will become crowded.

Keep your important pages in the footer like:

  • About
  • Contact
  • Terms and Conditions
  • Privacy Policy

Make sure that every post falls in a category – this will help Google spiders crawl your website easily.

And keep your sidebar clean.

Here’s what your sidebar should contain:

  • Author Bio
  • Social media icons
  • Search Box
  • Email Opt-in

Don’t overcrowd your sidebar.

It’s best to keep your website as clean and minimal as possible. Your content is the main source of attraction.

Your content is the main source of attraction

4. Your website needs to be six months old

Especially for countries like India, Pakistan, or China (I live in India), Google has explicitly stated that the website needs to be 6 months old or more.

This is because they want to make sure you are a serious blogger and not a spammer or in it for quick wins.

Google likes consistency – I’ve mentioned this before.

Many websites have applied within 6 months and gotten approved (I’m not saying it’s impossible), but the chances of it happening are less.

So, to be on the safe side, wait for 6 months before applying.

If you are in another country, you can apply after 3 months. But if you’re rejected – don’t be disappointed. Just try again after 3 months.

5. You must have enough content

Although Google has not explicitly stated this, from my experience and reading a lot of other bloggers’ experiences, I have concluded that you need at least 20-30 blog posts on your website, if not more.

Google will not want to work with you or partner with you if you don’t have sufficient content.

Where will they display the ads if you have 1-2 posts?

The earning potential is close to zero.

So, please do not apply if you have less than 20-30 posts – there is a chance you will not get approved.

6. You have to write high-quality content (and lots of it)

Google expects good quality content on a website for AdSense approval.

This means that your blog posts must be over 800-1K words minimum.

Gone are the days when you could write 300-500 word blog posts and expect to rank.

You have to write long blog posts to get approved by google adsense

Right now, a short blog post starts at 800-1K words.

Long posts are anywhere between 6-10K words or more.

Your posts must also be:

  • Helpful – it has to be related to things people are actually searching for. Your post must answer the question.
  • Formatted well – your post has to be structured well – complete with proper headings and images that are optimized for SEO.
  • Free of grammatical errors – If English is not your native language, please use Grammarly to help you correct errors.

If you are having issues writing content or you’re worried that you’re not writing high-quality SEO-optimized content and would like a detailed written report, please leave a comment below, and I’ll be more than happy to analyze your posts and give you a report that will help you increase your traffic significantly.

Additionally, you can also book a coaching call with me.

Struggling to understand SEO and write SEO optimised posts that rank on the front page of Google? This SEO Blueprint for Bloggers will help!

7. You have to have original content

Please do not scrape or regurgitate other people’s content.

do not scrape other people's content. Google doesn't like this and will reject your application.

Google can read your posts and understand what it’s all about.

Sometimes, even if you’re writing original posts, but the idea has been done before, it can come off as scraped content.

So, a remedy I’ve found that works are to write a few posts that have not even been done before. Talk about topics in your niche that no one has discussed.

Let’s say you’re writing a post called “10 Foundations for oily skin” there may be several other posts just like that.

Or you’re writing a post on “10 reasons why your child is not listening to you,” which may be covered many times.

It can be considered scraped content.

Aiming for a keyword is important, but sometimes, you need to stray away from the rules for a bit just to get on Google’s better side.

This will help Google understand that you are talking about the topic in your niche, but the idea is your own and is extremely authentic.

You may find these posts useful:

8. You should write consistently

You cannot write 5 posts one month and 1 the next.

It shows inconsistency.

After you get approved by Google AdSense, you can definitely take it down a notch if you’re burned out or require a small break.

That’s alright.

But try your best to be consistent. 

All new websites need to be really consistent with content initially, especially for the first 12-18 months.

9. Avoid YMYL niched websites

YMYL stands for your money or your life.

According to Google, YMYL content directly or indirectly affects the user’s health, safety, happiness, and financial stability.

Yes, even happiness.

So, if you’re blogging about mental awareness or self-care or mindfulness, you can get labeled as a YMYL site, according to Google.

I’m not saying it’s not possible to get in; I’m just saying it’s much harder.

I speak from experience.

My second blog, Mind Space Cafe, talks about self-care and relationships. It falls into YMYL.

I was not aware of this rule when I started the blog. So, my bad.

It didn’t get Adsense approval even after writing 44 blog posts and more than 160,000 words.

It is also a lifestyle blog.

I worked on it a bit and did a couple of things to get it Adsense approved:

  • Brought up the domain authority to 10 by targeting multiple featured snippets and gaining backlinks
  • Wrote more posts to increase the monthly pageviews to 5K pageviews
  • Completed an online course on Human Relationships and Psychology to increase my EAT and add that to my About Page

I waited for a bit and applied again; I was able to get in.

I got in after nearly 18 months despite posting somewhat inconsistently.

And I don’t know which task singularly helped my website get its approval because I did all 3.

10. Work on organic traffic

Google likes to see proof that people actually love your website.

When they realize that you already have traffic, you’re kinda telling them that they’re missing out on a lot of moolah.

Because when you make money via Google Ads, so does Google.

You keep 55 cents of every dollar you make, and Google keeps 45.

So, a little traffic isn’t going to hurt your application – it’s going to work in your favor.

Try to get anywhere between 100-500 organic visits a month – please check your Google Analytics and then only apply.

11. Keep submitting your posts to Google Search Console

In the first 5 months, you are brand new.

Your domain is also brand new.

Google has no idea that you exist.

It’s not going to crawl and index your website immediately.

Crawling is Google reading your content.

Indexing means Google deems your content worthy of adding to its massive Index/Directory.

Unless you are indexed, you won’t appear in Google Search.

So, first of all, connect your website to Google Analytics and Google Search Console.

Then, every time you write a post, go to URL inspection in Google Search Console and enter the URL in the Search Bar.

You will get something like this:

Requesting indexing from Google Search Console is a good way to get google to index your website faster

Click on “Request indexing.” And that’s all you have to do.

This will speed up indexing. You want to do this whether or not you plan on applying for Google AdSense.

I am doing this for every single post I publish on my newest site and it’s one of the reasons I am ranking quickly and getting traffic.

Once your website crosses 5-6 months, it will automatically crawl and index your website.

12. Avoid breaking the important rules

Here are some rules you mandatorily need to follow:

  • Do not write any prohibited content. Please read Google’s Terms and Conditions to understand more.
  • You have to be over 18 years old to qualify for AdSense.
  • You must have only 1 AdSense account (no matter how many websites you have)
  • Do not pay for traffic (just to get into Google AdSense)

Although this may seem like common sense to a lot of people, there are thousands of people who break these rules on a daily basis.

These will get you rejected almost immediately.

Google will reject your adsense application if you break the rules

I hope this post helped you understand what you have to do to get approved by Google Ad Sense.

Once you get approved, you will get an email like this from Google telling you that your website is ready to showcase Google Ads.

Although I am with SHEMedia for my second blog, just getting this acknowledgment made me super happy because I know I can apply to Mediavine easily once I hit that traffic requirement.

You will get an email like this once you get adsense approval from google

I do plan to apply to Ezoic ads for the newest website and then move to Mediavine as soon as it qualifies. I will update you with the details via email (sign up here by downloading my blog planner) and let you know my progress and earnings.

If at all you are rejected by Google AdSense for any reason, research and find out why you were rejected.

What are the common reasons why your website was rejected by AdSense?

1. Your website is brand new

Google AdSense is very strict now.

They aren’t keen on partnering with new websites because it does them very little good.

No Ad Partner is going to pay Google to put ads on a website that gets zero traffic.

They want to see some traffic and some interest in your website.

So, wait for at least 6 months before applying.

2. Your posts aren’t what they’re looking for

Do some research to find out what constitutes a good blog post.

We cannot tell stories or talk about what we like.

Every single post must be dedicated to solving a genuine issue – it should be people-oriented.

It should be written free of grammatical errors.

And most importantly, it needs to be structured well.

3. Your website does not have an SEO-optimized theme

If you cannot afford a good WordPress theme, then just use Astra.

It was invented by WordPress and is updated regularly.

If you’re looking for a good WordPress theme, these are my suggestions:

Have a clean theme. Don’t overthink it.

It just needs to display all your blog posts in a nice, neat format so that Google and human beings can read your blog posts.

A good theme should be SEO optimized so that it allows Search Engines to crawl the website easily.

Frequently asked questions

How long does Google Adsense approval take?

They can take between 1-7 days to reply.

This is normal.

Hundreds of thousands of people are applying on a daily basis.

After Google’s spiders check your website and deem it fit for AdSense, it is then manually looked over by Google’s AdSense department and an actual human being will go through your website to check whether it is applicable for Google AdSense.

So, give them some time and be patient. It can take a while.

How to approve a disapproved Google AdSense account?

First, find out why you were disapproved.

Unless you’ve published prohibited content or you’ve written posts that are horribly formatted and just not readable, you can always fix your website.

Google does not limit the number of times you can apply to AdSense.

You can apply as many times as you want.

So, take 2-3 months off and fix the issues before you apply again.

A few things you can do is:

And then try again.

How much traffic do you require for Google AdSense approval?

There’s no specified answer anywhere in Google Support for this.

They accept some websites with just 100 page views, and some require about 4-5K page views or more.

It really depends on what they deem fit for each niche, and this isn’t published anywhere.

Try to aim for at least 100-250 organic visits a day to get approved.

What is the fastest way to make money with ads?

I would highly suggest Ezoic ads. 

It’s a little complicated in terms of setup, but ad earnings are amazing.

In the last stage, they are going to ask for Google Ads approval, so having an AdSense account really helps.

I hope this helps.

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If you have any questions, please leave them below. =)