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I started my Blog on the 1st of April, 2018 – April’s Fools Day, I know.

It’s been 4 months since I’ve been blogging at a stretch. And I can proudly say that I am earning $150+ from my blog without the use of ads.

I’m currently only monetizing via affiliates.

Let’s get all the numbers out of the way first.

These are my pageviews for last month – June 2018.

Stray Curls Pageviews June 2018

As you can see, I’ve gotten a little over 18,000 pageviews and as the month drew to a close, I was gaining about 800+ pageviews a day.

For this month – July 2018, I predict that I will cross 28,000+ pageviews.

Stray Curls Pageviews for July 2018

My aim is to hit 100,000 pageviews a month before April 2019. And I promise you that I will write a post as soon as that happens!

*scouts honor*

Scouts Honor

Now, I don’t believe in keeping secrets.

Since I’ve already had one blog before this, I have a good idea of what works (traffic wise) and what doesn’t.

So, I didn’t waste any time implementing this strategy.

I’m going to talk about the number 1 strategy that I used to get blog traffic.

Now, if you haven’t set up a blog yet and are keen to start working from home like me, then I have written a step-by-step guide on how you can start a money-making blog from scratch which you can read here.

If you already have a blog and you’re ready to do some serious sailing, let’s dive in!

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links – meaning I may make a small commission at no extra cost to you, if you make a purchase through the links. This money is used to maintain my Blog expenses and feed my beloved cream and chocolate puffs dogs. 

Affiliate Disclosure for Stray Curls Blog Posts

Pinterest actually is the king of all Social Media

When you have a blog, it’s no surprise which Social Media takes the cake.

Pssst… It’s Pinterest.

Pinterest is the best social media for Bloggers

Pinterest works like a search engine even though it’s technically a Social Media.

So, whether you have a blog about crafting/DIY/blogging/technology/personal, do not at any cost discard Pinterest.

Pinterest unlike Facebook and Instagram actually cares about its users and responds to you if anything fishy happens to your account.

Instagram and Facebook have closed their Customer Service Helpline and don’t respond to any emails unless it’s about copyright infringement or abuse.

So, if your account is hacked/suspended or a glitch affects your account, you might as well shout to a wall because Facebook/Instagram doesn’t care and won’t respond.

That’s how horrible their Customer Support is.

I’ve experienced it first hand with Instagram and I’ve tried to reach them over a span of 6 months via email, contact forms, influence, you name it… with no luck.

So, why Pinterest?

Pinterest, has an excellent Customer Service and usually responds within 24 hours. An agent will be responding to your ticket and whatever issue you have, you can get rectified.

This is why I love Pinterest. They have a dedicated support team.

They do not leave you hanging.

Pinterest has very good customer service and will never leave you hanging as a blogger.

Here’s the most important bit about my blog traffic.

Social media accounts for 24% of my overall blog traffic. The rest comes from Search Engines and Direct Links and so on.

But 89% of the traffic coming from Social Media comes from Pinterest as you can see below, even though I post the same posts on Facebook and Twitter.

The 2 Simple Pinterest Hacks I use to gain more traffic

Now when I started using Pinterest, I was pinning manually and my traffic was steady but low. I only had 5-10 blog posts on my website so I didn’t really have much to work with.

I’ve implemented two strategies that helped me grow my average monthly viewers to more than 3/4th of a million people. And I barely have 6000 followers.


I don’t believe in keeping secrets. So, in this post I’m going to tell you how I got to this point with just 10-15 Blog posts and a Pinterest Account.

1. Create multiple pins for each blog post.

I took the advice of Arfa from Epife and started creating multiple pins for each blog post. This helped me make up for the low number of blog posts I had. I also tweaked the headline a bit in each post image.

Arfa also suggests using Infographics to boost your blog traffic. And I’ve created 2 infographics overall which link to my blog posts. And I noticed that they’re gaining me oodles and oodles of traffic to my Blog.

This particular infographic is only 2 weeks old and these are the results:

Yes, infographics actually do mighty well on Pinterest.

2. Sign up for Tailwind.

No, I’m not yanking your chain. So, hear me out before you roll your eyes and say, “Not another thing to invest in.”

Investing in Tailwind is the best decision a blogger can make. #pinterest #pintereststrategy #pinterestmarketing #tailwind #howtouse

Initially, I was manually pinning but I saw poor results in my first month of blogging.

This is mainly because I stay in India.

Aaaaaaaand 70%+ of my audience is in the States.

This is a huge problem for me because when I’m actually awake and pinning, they’re asleep. And when they’re awake, I’m asleep.

Stray Curls sleeping

So the chances of my pins being found, were close to null.

Now, I’ve done my research. Those who do fairly well on Pinterest pump out 2-3 pins every hour.

But it’s practically impossible to remind myself to pin 2-3 pins every hour. It’s also a huge (mega huge) time waste. So, I signed up for Tailwind.

How Tailwind helped me explode my blog traffic

This is what my traffic on Pinterest was like with manual pinning even though I was spending 2-3 hours on Pinterest daily.

And this is what happened after I started using Tailwind

Can you see that huge spike there? That is out of this world crazy!!!

And THAT is only because of Tailwind.

So, instead of wasting so much time with manual pinning and getting poor results, I sit and schedule my pins on Saturday/Sunday for the whole week so I can focus on other important tasks – like writing blog posts or creating blog graphics or promoting my work so I can get more traffic and more comments for my Blog.

And now, my traffic flows in at a constant rate without me having to worry about it. This is one of those “set it and forget it” types of tools which is very beneficial for you whether you are a beginner or a seasoned blogger.

So be it my hosting, Tailwind or Convertkit, I always choose the annual membership.

How Tailwind helped boost my monthly income

Not only did my blog traffic increase, but my affiliate income also boosted.

With my previous blog, it took me almost a year to start gaining a mere $100 per month.

But with this blog, it’s only my 4th month blogging, and I’ve already gained $150+. And it’s all thanks to Tailwind.

Mind you, I use no ads. So it’s definitely more difficult. And I’m ready to work twice as hard to earn that money because I don’t want to compromise the design and feel of my website. So, I choose affiliate marketing instead of ads.

I was able to schedule my pins on Tailwind which even boosted my Affiliate Income.

Using Tailwind helped boost my affiliate income each month!

Is Tailwind expensive?

Not really, no.

Tailwind costs $9.99 a month if you pay for the whole year at once, or $15 a month if you pay monthly. I didn’t take the monthly because I knew I wanted to use this program for a long time (I’m very serious about blogging) and I believe in spending wisely.

So, as soon as my free trial was over, I upgraded to the annual plan. Also, with the Annual Tailwind plan, you get unlimited pinning each month, as opposed to only 400 pins a month if you pay monthly. So, basically you get more features for $9.99 a month for the whole year.

Isn’t that better?

$9.99 each month for the whole year is only chunk change compared to the traffic and money I’m reaping every month. It’s worth every penny. I promise you.

Tailwind helped me earn a steady income from blog by increasing my blog traffic through Pinterest.

“If you truly believe in your passion and put all your hard work into it, you cannot and will not fail.”

My husband has drilled these words into me and this particular line has helped me become the Illustrator and Writer that I am today.


Before you learn how to use Tailwind, you should sign up for the free trial over here.


Benefits of Using Tailwind

Once you create your account, Tailwind will guide you to finish setting it up. It’s very user friendly, so don’t freak out if you’re not tech savvy.

Now, let me explain Tailwind’s benefits and how to use Tailwind.

1. Bulk Scheduling, baby.

Okay, so this is the number 1 advantage of using Tailwind. You can go to one of your boards and select multiple pins to schedule to Tailwind.

Congratulations. You’ve just saved hours of manual scheduling.

Save time pinning by using Tailwind!

Don’t thank me yet. There’s more.

2. Board Lists are a blessing in disguise.

After you finish setting up your account, the first thing you’ll want to be doing is creating your Board Lists.

When you schedule a pin, instead of manually entering each Board’s name, you can just select the name of the board list and the pin will get scheduled to all the boards in the list you’ve just selected. This saves a hell-lotta-time because it beats pinning a pin to 20 different boards manually.

I’m not friggin’ kidding.

This is how I’m able to finish scheduling the whole week’s pins in less than an hour!

You will need to keep updating the board lists weekly if you’re applying to new group boards and/or creating more boards on your Pinterest Profile.


3. Tailwind knows when your audience is mostly active.

This is what my weekly schedule looks like.

This is Monday to be precise.

Tailwind knows when your audience is most active and creates a schedule for you.

I’m pinning a lot more now because I’ve just started blogging. I intend to cut down the time slots after a few months.

All the dotted green tabs are times that Tailwind feels your pins will do really well because those are the best time slots to pin since your audience is very active.

Pinning without Tailwind and hoping that your audience sees your pins is like pinning your content blindfolded.

Pinning without Tailwind and expecting your audience to see your pins is like pinning your content blindfolded.

Pinning without Tailwind and hoping that your audience sees your pins is like pinning your content blindfolded. Click To Tweet

When you’re a newbie blogger, you need to be smart about the time you invest in your Blog. And wherever you can save time, do it.

Don’t hesitate.

4. Tailwind Analytics will help you grow even faster.

• Pinterest Profile

Like I said, with Tailwind you aren’t pinning in the dark. Tailwind will tell you how your Profile is performing and by how much you’re growing.

Tailwind Analytics will show you your growth on Pinterest.

Use Tailwind Analytics along with your Pinterest Analytics to see what’s working and what isn’t.

• Board Insights

Now, it is really hard to tell which boards are performing well. But with Tailwind, all those doubts go away because Tailwind helps you understand which boards are getting the most repins and engaging well.

You can use this information to pin more related pins to the boards that do really well and eventually leave/delete the boards that don’t have good engagement.

Tailwind shows you which boards are performing better and engaging well with your audience. Use Tailwind analytics along with Pinterest analytics to measure your growth.

• Pin Inspector

Tailwind also showcases your best pins – how many repins they got and on which Board. This helps you learn what you need to pin to different boards to gain more reach and engagement.

5. Tailwind measures what does well on your website.

Under organic activity, you’ll find a few tabs that will help you know what are the most recent pins that people have pinned and who they are.

Aside from showing what people love to pin directly from your website, Tailwind even provides you with a word cloud which is what your pinners are typing when they pin your pin.

This is amazing insight y’all! Because now I actually know that people love my self-improvement type of posts. I’m going to go ahead and write more of them.

6. Tailwind is an approved Scheduling Program by Pinterest.

I was using Boardbooster 2 years ago for my previous blog (because it was the cheaper option and I hadn’t tried Tailwind) but a lot of accounts were banned recently because Boardbooster’s looping feature (which is actually what people choose BoardBooster for) comes off as spamming according to Pinterest.

Boardbooster is a 3rd party program and is not approved by Pinterest yet.

Now, I’m not condemning Boardbooster, but if you want to stay safe and be risk-free, you should opt for Tailwind as it is approved by Pinterest and is also their Marketing Developer Partner.

And that’s pretty much it.


  1. Tailwind helps you bulk-schedule pins/images from Pinterest or any website so you save a lot of time!
  2. Tailwind has a feature called Board Lists. This helps you make long lists of boards you can save each pin to. Again a huge time saver for scheduling pins.
  3. Tailwind knows when your audience is most active and your pins go out at those times, putting you in front of a huge audience all while you can concentrate on your business and personal life.
  4. Using Tailwind’s analytics, you can find out which pins are popular, which boards are engaging well and what people are pinning from your website.
  5. Tailwind is an approved by Pinterest Scheduler, meaning Pinterest will never ban you for using Tailwind.
  6. And if you pay for the whole year in advance, Tailwind is only $9.99 a month.

You can sign up for the free trial without putting in your card information. So, it’s no hassle at all.


Tailwind was a major game-changer for me and my Blog. I was actually able to more than triple my traffic thanks to Pinterest and Tailwind.

More blog traffic  = More blog income.

So basically you can use Tailwind as a boat to sail towards earning some real cha-ching cha-ching!

Using Tailwind will help increase your blog traffic and inturn increase your blog income. Therefore Tailwind is like a sailboat that helps you get to your island of money!

As a newbie blogger, I know just how hard it is to put in money in your business.

But if you really are serious about blogging and want your Blog to get more traffic, then Tailwind is a required investment. It really makes a huge difference, which you will notice within 1-2 months from using it.

You have to take these little leaps of faith in order to become an established Blogger. This is all about building a cohesive brand, and constantly putting yourself out there in order to get traffic (and sales eventually).

I’m a huge Tailwind fan and it’s giving me much more than what I paid for. So, if you’re really looking to get heaps of traffic and tons of comments, then I highly suggest that you sign up for the Tailwind free trial!

It will take you a month or two to see the difference but I guarantee that it is a huge game changer.

I will publish a more detailed post on how you can use Pinterest to gain more traffic to your website – more like the an ultimate guide on using Pinterest, so stay tuned!


If you have any questions, feel free to ask! Are you considering Tailwind? Or do you already have it and love it to death? Let me know in the comments below.

Angela Vaz
Angela Vaz
Angela is a 25 year old Illustrator and Comic Artist living in Bangalore, India with her husband and 2 cute little labrador retrievers who resemble a cream-bun and a chocolate kiss.


  1. Reka says:

    I had expected a post about Tailwind, but I’ve gained much much more. <3 Loved it.

    • Angela Vaz says:

      Hello Reka,

      Well, that’s how I roll. <3 I always think of ways to exceed the expectations of my reader. 😀

      So glad you loved it. Hoping to see you around.

      Lots of love,
      P.S. Love your blog too!!!

  2. Willow says:

    Thanks for the informative post! I manage someone’s Pinterest using Tailwind, but I’m still exploring Tailwind.

    I had bad luck with Pinterest Support. They’ve suspended my personal account and won’t tell me why but they insist that I won’t be able to reopen the account or start a new one from that email address. I feel disappointed because I was making good headway, and I think it must have been a mistake. Unfortunately, I’ve been trying to change their minds for months with no resolution.

    • Angela Vaz says:

      Hello Willow,

      First of all, I’m really sorry that you’ve had bad luck regarding Pinterest Support. They usually suspend accounts without prior warning – similar to Instagram. But the one reason why I feel Pinterest is better than the others is because you don’t need to have a large number of followers to have a good reach.

      So, although you may have to start at the beginning, you don’t need to start from scratch. Added to which, none of you pins would have disappeared, because they’ll have been repinned and will basically live on forever on the Platform that chose to suspend your account.

      Furthermore, Pinterest is currently banning accounts for 2 reasons mainly: 1 being using a non-approved scheduler like Boardbooster and 2, not pinning any 3rd party pins. They’re becoming more strict and trying to avoid anything that may look like spam.

      I reached 181K followers on Instagram (within 7 months) when something happened to my account. It’s a glitch that doesn’t let people see my account. I’ve done my research and consulted a few analysts. They told me the only way for it to get solved is to have someone at Instagram Dev support manually refresh my data entry. It’s currently fallen to 173K followers.

      8 months and counting. No response from them either.

      So, don’t fret. Use social media to help you gain traffic, but if they close their doors on you, just start a new account. Please keep me in the loop. Let me know what you plan on doing. And if there’s any way I can help, I’m all ears.

      Warm regards,

      • Willow says:

        Hi Angela,

        Thanks so much for your kind reply. I didn’t realize that my repinned pins would live on, and I did a little detective work after reading your comment. I found a few of my pins, but not many.

        That must have been so frustrating when you started having the Instagram problem. I am glad you have figured out other ways to continue getting your message out to people, though (your blog, Pinterest, etc.)

        I am not sure what I am planning to do. As a documentary photographer, blogger, and virtual assistant, I am not totally convinced that Pinterest is where my target audience hangs out. But I know it’s a search engine, and in that sense, it could be useful. I feel like I put so much time into social media but haven’t had a lot of good returns yet.

        Did you use a scheduler for Instagram? I actually don’t have a business Instagram yet but plan to start one. I am trying to decide whether Instagram or Pinterest is more important for me now. 🙂

        • Angela Vaz says:

          Hello Willow!

          It’s totally alright. I know how it feels to work so hard towards something and for the platform to give way. It’s not something we expect and it’s certainly not something we can easily move on from.

          Right now, the best advice I can give you is to keep your eggs in different baskets. Don’t depend too heavily on one platform. That way, if one fails, your efforts won’t be in vain.

          I use Buffer for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. And for Pinterest, I use Tailwind.

          Buffer is free to use for 10 updates. Meaning you can schedule 10 posts for all three and you’re good to go. It’s what I’m doing. 🙂

          As a Photographer, I would highly suggest that you work on your own website. When I click on your Website, I’m unable to tell what you do exactly.

          It is a little abstract and I’m unable to understand what the free course is about and why I should take it.

          You have to sell them the course with words. You have to tell your viewers what they will gain by taking the course. You have to sell them the benefits.

          Your home page should focus on you. The free stuff comes later, once they fall in love with your work. It’s a gradual process.

          Write more blog posts. Talk about your techniques. Show them the materials you use. Talk about your cameras. Get them interested in your work. It’s the best way to attract clients and gain email subscribers. And I’ve worked with a few Photographers before who’ve highly benefited from their own websites.

          Additionally, you can schedule your photos to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram via Buffer. Basically, your website should be your main focus. Social media is too unpredictable!

          It will take some time to find out what truly works for you. Once you do, there’s no stopping. 🙂 Let me know your plans.

          Hugs and kisses,

  3. Willow says:

    Hi Angela, you inspired me to take a closer look at my website and see what’s not clear yet. Thanks for your ideas.

    Although when people do click on the free course text, there is an explanation, I think you are right that I need to explain why they would want to click in the first place.

    Also, I am creating a ‘work with me’ page so it’s very clear how people can hire me.

    Thanks for the info about Buffer, too.

    • Angela Vaz says:

      Hello Willow,

      It was pleasure. I seriously love connecting with Artists of any kind. <3

      I'm so looking forward to seeing your website after the modifications. Be sure to ping me when you do. I'd love to hop on over and take a peek! 😀

      And yes, Buffer is a huge time saver!

      Lots of love,

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