Did you know that you can use your notebook to blog more efficiently?

Let me show you how.

I’m a very traditional person when it comes to writing or reading. Furthermore, I love the smell of paper and I love writing down everything to keep me organized.


My blog currently is my first priority in my Business and I have 2 notebooks dedicated to just my Blog and Business.

As a blogger, you know that blogging isn’t just a passion or a hobby. It’s a journey of self-discovery, fun and most importantly – an innovative way to meet new and exciting people with loads of stories to share!

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Blogging isn't just a passion or a hobby. It's a journey of self-discovery, fun and most importantly - an innovative way to meet new and exciting people with loads of stories to share! Click To Tweet

With this fascinating career option, comes a buck-load of information to maintain. Although I am a technology buff, I haven’t really quite found myself a solid replacement for my notebook and pen.

Just a few weeks ago, I wrote an article – 35 Things To Do In Your Blank Notebook and it was a whopping success. So, I decided to make yet another blog post about notebooks.

And this one, focuses on just bloggers.

This post includes affiliate links, meaning at no extra cost to you, I might make a small commission if you decide to buy something and this money will be used to feed my poor lil’ dogs. They are perennially hungry, my little ones.

The Benefits of keeping a Notebook as a Blogger:

Keeping a notebook is the best way to see your progress as a blogger. By continuously monitoring your stats, you will realize what is working for you and what isn’t.

This in turn will help you cultivate good writing habits and will make you more organized.

Flipping through your notebook when it’s finished will give you great insight on your growth as a Blogger and a person.

A notebook in hand will enhance your creativity and I guarantee, that if you implement these tips, you will never run out of ideas for Blog Posts.

So, I use 2 notebooks – one Planner and one Moleskine. And I write in them every single day.

Without further ado, here is a list of 15 things that you can write in your notebook if you are a blogger or love notebooks, pens and the whole shebang.


1. Audience Profile

Having an Audience Profile in your Notebook will help you write better posts as a Blogger.

This should be your first page in your notebook.

You can get collect this information from Google Analytics by reading your audience’s demographics. My audience is between the ages of 18-35. 80% are women readers and they are into arts, entertainment, home and crafts.

The key to writing viral blog posts is to write posts that are tailored for your audience.

Whenever I get an idea for a blog post, I go through my audience profile and see if it is suitable for them. Therefore, this particular record is mainly to serve you as a reminder for whom you’re actually writing for.

Defining my Target Audience has helped me understand what they want, and come up with a better Blog Content Plan.

2. Social Media Goals and Stats

Currently, my main Social Media are Pinterest and Instagram. Facebook comes at a close 3rd. So, keeping goals for each month and recording your stats every single day is a good way to record your growth.


Other than Social Media, it’s also a good idea to record your Blog Page Views.

Knowing how much you grow will give you a fair idea of what is working for your blog. Certain Blog Posts you write may pull in a lot of traffic. It’s always a good idea to know where your traffic is coming from.

You must also read: How Tailwind helped me gain over 18,000+ pageviews in my 3rd month of blogging.

True, you can keep an Excel Document maintaining these, but I like to carry this information everywhere with me. Hence, I have a dedicated set of pages in my notebook only for Blog stats. Before I begin my work in the morning, I flip through my blog stats to see how much I’ve grown in the past couple of weeks.

It not only motivates you to do so much better, it also never lets you forget how you started.

3. A list of all your Blog Post Ideas

Being a creative person, means never being able to shut off your mind. A Eureka moment can pop up at anytime! Whether you’re in the loo, or snoozing in a bus – it is always crucial you write your ideas down before you forget them.

Therefore, you should keep a huge list of ideas for your Blog Posts so that you never run out of things to write about. Reading through the list will also help you generate related ideas!

Additionally, I also use my Notes App on my phone just in case I don’t have my notebook on me.

4. Blog Post Titles

Once you’re sure that you want to use a particular idea to write your next blog post, you have to test out a few titles before you find the one that you’re going to use!

And there’s no better way to do this than to use your notebook to scribble down a few plausible titles. Pauline from Twelve Skip has written a really good article on how to come up with catchy blog post titles! Additionally, she even offers a free template.

5. All your goals

As a blogger, it is important to focus on your goals. Your goals for the month, your goals for the year and so on. They needn’t be big goals. Just an idea or a vision of what you expect from yourself in the future.Β  This not only motivates you to try and work toward them, but also helps you succeed.

When you reach your goal, remember to put a little tick next to it so you feel a strong and refreshing feeling of accomplishment.

In fact, my goal is to start writing eBooks by the end of this year.


6. Daily To-Do list

Being a home-maker, dog-mommy, illustrator and blogger means finishing a list of never-ending tasks. Forgetting even one of them could result in total chaos. Therefore, it’s a good practice to keep your daily list in hand so you don’t waste any time trying to remember what you need to complete for the day.

I use my Planner and A4 Printable Planners to make my life a tad bit easier.

Check out my Daily Plan and Weekly Plan A4 and A5 Printable Planners that you can download and print endlessly on either A4 or A5 sheets.

7. Your favorite websites

Sometimes, a daily dose of inspiration is just what you need to start your day. I have a couple of lists that I maintain in my notebook. These are some ideas of a list of websites you can maintain:

  • Blogging Websites that coach you to become a better blogger.
  • Tech Websites that helps you become a clean coder.
  • Creative Websites that give you ideas for color combinations and designs.
  • Positive Lifestyle Websites that always supplies you with useful articles to live your life blissfully.
  • Websites relating to your particular niche so you can always gather ideas and become motivated to become better at what you do.

8. Expenses/Revenue

Initially, I used to wonder why I wasn’t making any money from my Blog.

But writing things down, really helped me. I was able to understand my Blog better and was able to come up with a Blog Content Plan.

Being a blogger means constantly buying products to run your blog smoothly. Ultimately, you should never lose track of what you’re spending on. Your money is hard-earned which means you should record exactly where it is going. You can read my post on how much I actually spend on my Blog to keep it running.

So, if you buy software, tools, online courses, or material for your website like .PSDs and stock photos, write it down.

Similarly, you can note down your earnings. By knowing how much money you make from which sources, you can have a clear cut idea of what income source is keeping the pot boiling!

This will help you understand what income channels you need to focus on.


9. Helpful books and points to remember

Writing down lists is healthy. I love to read books related to blogging and entrepreneurship. Of course you can finish a book in 2 hours or less.

But how much of it can you remember?

This is where a notebook comes in handy. Write the title of the book you read, and jot down all the important points you feel you need to retain for a lifetime. You can even list page numbers you want to refer to in the future.

10. Client Records

Keep a Client Database.

Whenever you have a meeting with your client, it is important to note down all of their requirements. Their likes/dislikes. Products/Services they love. Colors they love, etc.

You can later transfer those to your computer as it is important to keep folders of all your clients.

Whenever a client pays an invoice, I write it down in my Planner. I have 10-15 business days to complete their work and send it over to them.


My notebook and planner is my raft. I wouldn’t be able to survive without it.

If you like journaling, you will definitely love this class. Mimi Chao teaches you how to make your own Illustrated journal. She shows you how to use digital tools as well the analog method. And this class is for any level.

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11. Products/Services

As a blogger, you will have certain products and services. Maybe its an e-mail course, or a book, video, or presentation. Track your progress in your notebook.

This will help you know how often you should introduce a new service to keep the ball rolling. Write down which products do better than most.

Like I said earlier, blogging is all about self-discovery.


12. Affiliates

It can be difficult to remember all the affiliates you’ve signed up for. Therefore, I keep all my affiliate links in my Notes app on the computer, so that it’s easy to copy and paste the links.

However, I also like to keep a list of all the companies I’m an Affiliate for in my Notebook. They are arranged in 2 categories. I have a Blogging category and an Art & Creativity category. So, I have two lists of Affiliates.

That way, when I’m going to write a post related to Art & Creativity, I look up all the possible affiliates I can use under the Art and Creativity category in my notebook before I write the post.

13. Bucket List

It’s really easy to forget why you’re blogging because you’re doing it all day and every day.

That’s why, it’s important to remember what made you start and why you’re blogging.

Hence, it’s nice to keep a dream in your pocket with you at all times. So, you have something to look forward to – a dream to make come true.

One of my dreams is to buy my own little house with a garden (so I can house more dogs) someday. I keep this in the back of my notebook, so I can see my dream every day.

And yes, this keeps me motivated all the time.

14. Inspirational Quotes.

Have you ever read a quote that’s made you stop and think? Like actually… stop and think.

I’ve read some quotes like that and I never, ever want to forget them. So, what do I do?

Yep, you guessed right.

I write them down.

No surprise there, huh?

I also, take some quotes I’ve read and make them into Digital Printables. Especially the funny/inspirational ones. You can hop over onto my Etsy shop and take a look if you’d like something to brighten up your home office/desk.


14. Your achievements and feelings.

Every time you feel you’ve achieved something, write it down. Your achievement needn’t be a big one, it just has to bring a smile on your face. Such as:

  • I completed my first opt-in! Yay!
  • Gained my first 50 followers! Wow!
  • Β Opened my first etsy shop! Ohmeegosh.
  • Just earned my first 10 dollars doing what I love! OMG!
  • My puppy is finally toilet-trained. *dances around a bonfire and throw leaves in the air singing “Hooga Booga!”*


Ultimately, these little notes will help you aspire to dream BIG and this means that one year later, you can look back on this and feel a huge rush of nostalgia when you read them all over again.

And with that final point, this extremely long list has come to an end. If you have more ideas relating to what you (as a blogger) can write in notebooks, feel free to drop it in the comments below!

Because as a lover of ideas, I would love to know if you have some more so I can implement them in mine!Save