the complete guide on how to start a blog

Start a Blog from Scratch (NEW!)

$49 $39

This eBook (240+ pages) will teach you everything you need to know before you start a blog. Learn how to validate your niche, research your blog topics and analyze whether your blog will make money before starting it. Beat the overwhelm and follow my step-by-step guide to starting a blog that makes money!

24 month blog plan

24 Month Blog Plan (NEW!)

$21 $14

This eBook breaks down all the actions you need to take each month for 24 months including how many blog posts you need to write, when to monetize via ads or apply to affiliate programs, and I also describe how much money you should be making each month so that you can set your own income and traffic goals. Increase your accountability by getting this 24-month blog plan!

Make money from home using your creative skills. This creative guide for creatives is the best ebook for creative people who want to earn while working from home. Formerly known as the creative workbook for creatives.

The Creative Guide for Creatives (UPDATED!)


This Creative Guide (170+ pages) will teach you to harness your creative skills, overcome several creative blocks, and will show you how to make money with your creative skills. Includes several prompts and exercises!

learn how to pick topics and keywords so that you can start ranking for multiple keywords with your niche blog

Grow your Blog to $1K 


Want to learn how to pick topics and keywords that you can rank for in your niche?? This eBook will teach you how to select topics that you have a chance to rank for and help you get to your first $1K fast!

seo and keywords bundle

The SEO Bundle


Includes the SEO Blueprint and the Grow your Blog to $1K eBooks! This bundle will help you pick topics and write blog posts that rank on Google! Take a peek now.

Learn on page seo and write blog posts that gain traffic. Increasing your blog traffic from scratch is hard but if you focus on SEO, you are building the foundation of your blog!

SEO Blueprint


Want to learn how to write SEO optimized blog posts so you can increase your blog traffic? This eBook is the ultimate blueprint for On-Page SEO. This eBook will teach you how to write posts that rank on the front page of Google!

Introducing the traffic bundle to help you write SEO optimized posts and increase your traffic.

The Traffic Bundle


Includes the SEO Blueprint, the Secret Sauce to Skyrocketing your Blog Traffic and the Holiday Traffic eBook! This bundle will help you increase your pageviews and get traffic that leads to more clicks and sales! Take a peek now.

Finding the whole concept of tripwires confusing? This eBook will teach you to set up a tripwire from scratch!

Little Tripwire 


Want to turn readers into buyers immediately? This eBook includes my high-converting tripwire strategy that converts 15% readers to buyers immediately! Get this eBook to learn how to make money the minute someone signs up to your blog!

Want a shortcut to making $5K a month? This eBook contains every lesson I've learned growing my blog and business to $5K a month in less than 2 years.

50 Practical and Insightful Hacks (Best seller!)


What if you had a shortcut to making $5K a month? This eBook contains every single lesson I’ve learned that took my blog from $0 to $5K a month. These strategies aren’t basic. They’re extremely insightful and will shorten your learning curve!

This Evergreen Sales Funnel eBook will teach you to set up sales Funnels in your Blog that will enable you to make a consistent income.

The Ultimate Guide to Creating Evergreen Sales Funnels


Want to make sales while you sleep? This eBook will teach you to build high-converting evergreen sales funnels in your Blog just using email! Set it and watch the sales roll in.

Learn how I made $3k selling 1 eBook to my tiny list with just 7 emails!

7 Emails


Never want to worry about an eBook launch again? This eBook includes all 7 emails I sent to my tiny email list that led to $3K in eBook sales in 1 week! Includes detailed discussions behind each email as to why it worked and what mistakes I could have avoided!

The Passive Income Bundle will help you boost your blog income by teaching you how to launch your digital products and creating evergreen sales funnels.

The Passive Income Bundle


Includes both The Ultimate Guide to Creating Evergreen Sales Funnels and the 7 Emails eBook. This Bundle will boost your passive income by helping you set evergreen sales funnels and doing great launches! Take a peek and see how!

This eBook will teach you to start a blog and integrate services, products and content in your Blog so that you can make money blogging! Learn how to start an online business that makes money from the start!

The Complete Roadmap to Building a Profitable Side Hustle


Learn how to set up an Online Business in which you can integrate your products, services and a bit of yourself to create a profitable side hustle that brings in money on autopilot! Over 270+ pages of content + 3 bonuses!

Business Plan Guide + Workbook


40+ Page Guide and Workbook to help you start and grow a Blog the right way! Figure out your profitable and apt niche, learn how evaluate your market and competition and plan your blog monetization strategies with this amazing and intuitive guide!

This free printable blog planner is not only super cute with little girl and cat stickers but is also super functional! Stay super organised and keep track of all your blogging goals by downloading this 12 page blog planner! #blogplanner #plannerlife #planner #girlboss #free #freeprintable #blogging

Blog Planner (50 pages)


From maintaining Affiliates to Blog Post Ideas, this Blog Planner has it all. It includes 50 well-thought of and extremely lovely designed pages.

Get the entire Business Bundle which includes the Blog Planner, the Business Planner, the Side Hustle eBook, the Blog Traffic eBook and the Holiday Traffic eBook.

The Business Bundle


Includes The Complete Roadmap to Building a Profitable Side Hustle, The Secret Sauce to Skyrocketing your Blog Traffic, the 45 Page Blog Planner, 40+ page Business Plan Guide and Workbook and the Holiday Traffic eBook!

This Blog Traffic eBook will teach you how to grow your blog traffic from scratch so that you can earn more money with your blog.

The Secret Sauce to Skyrocket your Blog Traffic eBook


180+ pages of pure content and strategies to take your blog from a hobby or a side business to a full-time business! Learn to create engaging content and explode your traffic! Includes 3 Bonuses!

The Blogging Bundle contains the blog traffic eBook, the Holiday Traffic eBook and the Blog Planner!

The Blogging Bundle!


Includes The Secret Sauce to Skyrocketing your Blog Traffic along with 3 Bonuses, the epic 45 page printable Blog Planner and the Christmas Marketing Tips for Bloggers to Increase Holiday Traffic.

Get this delightful Productivity Planner to boost your productivity and make working on your Blog more fun!

Productivity Planner


This productivity Planner includes 6 beautiful pages that you can download instantly to help you plan a super productive day.

The Ultimate Self Care Planner to help you become a better version of you! Includes a meal tracker, period tracker, and loads of self care tips!

Self Care Planner


This Self Care Planner includes 15 pages that will help you become a better version of you. Transcend to a whole new spiritual, mental and physical level by getting this super cute planner!

The creative bundle includes the creative guide, the productivity planner and the self care planner!

The Creative Bundle


Includes The Creative Guide for Creatives, the Productivity Planner and the Self Care Planner!

The ultimate money making bundle for bloggers.

The Ultimate Money Making Bundle (NEW!)


This Money Making Bundle includes all my best-seller eBooks and Planners that will help you start making $1K a month. Get super-duper organized and grow your Online Business from scratch the right way! Learn how to integrate digital products, services and content all in one Blog without losing your marbles! Master sales funnels, email marketing and the art of starting a blog that actually makes money! Learn how to grow your traffic with strategies that top bloggers have used to reach 100K pageviews. Crack the code of the dreaded SEO! Learn simple marketing tips that will convert your traffic into clicks, subscribes, and raving fans who trust you and are dying to buy your products!