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Read this amazing review of the best 2019 planners for bloggers, freelances and ladypreneurs. Each planner is a yearly planner where you can write your to-dos and notes. Perfect for blogging.

Everyone who knows me, knows that I love planners and notebooks. I love writing about notebooks, planners, diaries, stationery.

Proof below.

Therefore, (after receiving tons of emails asking me what cute planners I recommend for 2019) I’ve created a list – the ultimate list of planners I feel are rocking it for NEXT YEAR!

I buy my Planner in June, so that it will arrive by July and I can start writing in it in August.

Yes, I’m pretty mental that way.

This post includes affiliate links that will make me a commission at no extra cost to you, but I wouldn’t recommend anything that I don’t love.

Here are this year’s picks for cute planners!

1. Orange Circle Studio Mermaid Tales 2019 Planner

Okay, this baby from Orange Circle Studio is so, so beautiful.*drools*

And it’s got mermaids. Well, that pretty much closes the deal for me.

This compact flexible planner has 192 pages and is a 17 month planner that spans from August 2018 to December 2019

It includes yearly, monthly and weekly date views. And it also includes lots of “Notes” pages so you can write down important stuff.

See this planner here.

2. Rifle Paper Co Juliet Rose 2019 Monthly Agenda

The one thing that always has me shopping for Rifle Paper Co products are the beautiful floral designs.

This is a spiral bound planner for anyone who loves everything to be systematic and wants to write a lot of To-Do’s. Seriously, each day has over 14-16 lines of space for daily To-Do’s and it’s great as a Blogging Planner. I’m still writing in my 2018 Rifle Co Planner.

This is a 17 month planner that spans from August 2018 to December 2019. It has gold foil highlights and gold spiral-binding.

It also comes with coated tabs, a pocket with the ruler at the end and 2 whole pages with stickers!

See this gorgeous agenda here. 

3. Lilly Pulitzer Catch The Wave 2019 Planner

Vibrant, colorful and full of pinks and blues perfectly describers Lilly Pulitzer’s Planners. They are one of the few Planners that print colored themed pages and colored tabs. It spans from August 2018 to December 2019.

Other than the monthly and weekly view, this delightful planner comes with 30 notes pages and address pages that will have all your contacts right in place! And it even come with a little pen loop.

Get it here!



4. Day Designer for Blue Sky 2019 Planners

Ah, Day Designer!

They’ve been making pretty planners for girls for quite some time now. This planner (is a best-seller and has been flying off the shelves) has a four page “How to use your planner” guide as well as a goal worksheet to list down your goals so that you can record and track your goals whenever you want to. This is perfect for women who work from home and want to truly stay committed to their yearly goals.

It’s filled with floral elements throughout the pages, which I love, love, love. They have the standard monthly and weekly view and spans from June 2018 to June 2019. The Weekly View has a lot of space in each day to write all your to-dos and daily goals.

This is the monthly view:

See it here!

5. Ban.Do Garden Party 2019 Agenda

I love Ban.Do Products. I already have 2 notebooks. One planner and one simply ruled journal. Garden Party Ban.Do Agenda is currently one of their best sellers. They have a beautiful front page where you can write your name proudly.

And Ban.Do agendas come with a lot of illustrated designs and works in every month. Not to mention the motivational quotes in the weekly view. This is a 13 month planner that spans from August 2018 to August 2019.

This year, they are giving a free poster with each planner.

It’s refreshing, fun and colorful! This planner also comes with laminated color-coded month tabs and stickers. Who doesn’t love stickers? This year, they’re giving you 3 sticker sheets!

Take a peek!

6. Kate Spade New York (Illustrative) 2019 Planner 

Kate Spade planners are for career-driven women who are looking to organize their busy lives with this sleek, stylish and professional planner, which features an interior golden spiral binding, mylar covered tabs and a pocket. They’ve decided to jump aboard the Illustrative theme by filling beautiful illustrations in each month.

This is a 13 month planner that spans from August 2018 to August 2019.

This planner also comes with a celebration section, a notes section and beautiful gold foil strickers!

Grab it here.

7. Clementine Paper Inc Planners – Mint Green

I discovered this planner yesterday and loved it. This planner is made with recycled paper. So, it’s definitely a plus point for me.

I love how beautiful and neat the design is.

They have sleek and colorful tabs and overall a lovely theme. I love how the pages are an off-white tone. This makes it very pleasing for the eye.

It’s a 12 month planner that spans from July 2018 to June 2019.

Buy it here.

8. Blush Pink 2019 Motivational Planner by Sweet Water Decor  

Gosh, I love the cover! It’s so feminine and professional. This planner comes with gold foil details, a gold elastic band and gold tabs for each month and the paper is nice and thick – 120gsm. There is a nice pocket on the inside cover.

This planner has pages to set goals and each month begins with a new inspirational quote that is hand-lettered.

This planner spans from August 2018 to July 2019. And best of all, it has 36 pages of Notes at the back.

See it here.

9. Bloom Daily 2019 Planner

This is one of the few planners that have quotes on the covers. They are feminine and creative! They have a nice front page that you can fill out.

They span from August 2018 to July 2019. And have nice and colorful weekly and monthly views.

Bloom Daily Planners have a lot of designs so you’re basically spoilt for choice! You should also check out their planner accessories. They’re to die for.

Check it out here!

10. Original Flagship Day Designer 2019 Planner

I know I’ve mentioned another Day Designer planner already, but this one is so pretty, I couldn’t resist. This planner is for girls who love pairing anything with a little gold color.

It’s simple and very tastefully designed. This planner has a four page “How to use your planner” guide.

It has little stickers, a pocket to keep some papers and a ruler on the front page.

It’s a 12 month planner from July 2018 to June 2019.

Take a peek here.


That brings us to the end of this really pretty list.

What’s your favorite planner? Which one caught your eye?  I’d love to know! Do let me know in the comments below so we can become planner buddies!

Angela Vaz
Angela Vaz
Angela is a 25 year old Illustrator and Comic Artist living in Bangalore, India with her husband and 2 cute little labrador retrievers who resemble a cream-bun and a chocolate kiss.


  1. Haley says:

    All of these planners look so fun!! I have a large Agenda (same cover as the one in this list!) and a Hello Forever x Studio Calico binder-style planner. I love both of them 😊 I like my Agenda for journaling & notes (there’s so much room to write!) and my Hello Forever Planner for decorating and planning out my week. I am totally a planner and notebook person!!
    Xo, Haley

    • Angela Mary says:

      Hello Haley,
      Eeeek! I have the same one! I just love BanDo. And Rifle. Totally agree. So much room to write! The Hello Forever Planner sounds super awesome! I cannot get enough of notebooks. I recently found one that was so festive, I had to get it for Christmas. It was like my own Christmas Gift to me. Ha ha. I have so many to write in currently that I’m using 3. I really need to make a schedule to write in each of them. *hi five for being a notebook/planner person*

  2. Otir says:

    Your list is awesome, Angela! Thank you so much for sharing it.

    I love everything paper and I have such a passion for planners, I wish I could indulge and try each and everyone! Thanks to you I am discovering new ones I did not know and I will delight in studying their pros and cons!

    • Angela Mary says:

      Hello Otir,
      Thank you so much! I’m so glad you loved the list. Paper is my life. I know we’ve reached the age where we should try and conserve trees and paper, but as an artist – it’s very difficult for me to gather my thoughts or draw rough sketches on any other medium. Each planner definitely has its pros and cons and I’ve made it my life’s work to find one that suits me best. 😀
      Still leaning towards Rifle Co.
      Warm regards,

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