Are you the type of girl that enters a store and immediately shoots across to the stationery section?


Then, we’re officially best friends now.

Because anyone who knows me knows that I’m a stationery addict and hoarder.

In any case, I truly believe that there is a special place in heaven for us stationery addicts where we can sit with our bright and beautiful planners and pens and just scribble and play with stickers all day.


Now, most of the stationery I buy are online because it’s difficult to get them in stores where I live. And the feeling of opening your door to a postman holding a brown parcel (containing your stationery, planners and notebooks) is the best feeling the whole world.


So, without further ado, I’m going to start off with one of the most sought after lists ever – 10 Stationery Brands every woman in her 20s is going to go ga-ga over!

Disclaimer: I may receive a tiny commission (at no extra cost to you) if you purchase something that I link to. I use this money to run my blog and feed my two adorable dogs.

Stray Curls Banner including Angela and her 2 dogs Chloe and Maria

1. Rifle Paper Co Stationery

Rifle Paper Co Stationery makes women go ga ga

From Greeting Cards to Stationery and Planners to Accessories, Rifle Paper Co is every woman’s dream shop. I’m a huge plan of their Planners and Notebooks, because the paper quality is amazing.

And, the paper isn’t ghost white but a pleasant cream color which makes this line perfect for women in their twenties.

Their designs are subtle, feminine and pretty. And most of the time, they choose to go with a beautifully themed floral pattern for their designs.

So, I recently ordered a Phone Case for my mum (and myself) from Rifle Paper Co and she was beyond thrilled because it went with her most her shirts (which are all pink and floral.)

Their notebooks are a pleasure to write in. So, I regularly buy Notebooks from Rifle Co. And I’m a huge fan of their Paris Collection.

Hop on over to shop Rifle Paper Co.

2. Ban.Do Stationery creates stationery for girls who love fun, modern designs and lots of pink.

Ahhhh, Ban.Do.

When I earned my first blog’s income 2 years ago, I purchased a Ban.Do planner to celebrate. creates stationery and accessories for girls who love fun, modern designs and lots of pink.


Therefore, I’m a huge fan of their stickers and Planner Accessories. And they even have a Starter Pack (which includes stickers, paper pins, pens, a To-Do list and more) that comes in a cute purse which compliments their beautiful Planners.

Stationery Starter Pack to compliment their Planners

If you’ve not checked out, you definitely should!

3. Kate Spade Stationery

Glamorous and shiny.

That’s how I’d describe Kate Spade. With a professional finish and lots of chic artwork in their designs, Kate Spade Stationery is for all busy women who want their desks to show off a little panache. They also have a beautiful, feminine collection of phone cases.

I love their Desk Accessories, because you can pair this with any light pink color Stationery. Ooh la la.

4. Bloom Daily Planners Stationery

They create Planners and Planner Accessories that are mainly floral themed. And these are really pretty. Now, if you’re like me and love to plan every day before you get started, then this line is tailored for you.

Also, did I mention that they have Tear-Off To Do Pads and Weekly Planner Pads?

I’m particularly loving their Magnetic Weekly Meal Plan and Grocery List! This is such a great idea, because you can stick this on the fridge and it’s super helpful and creative!

Check them out here.

5. Orange Circle Studio Stationery.

Mom Calendar Orange Circle Studio Stationery

Orange Circle Studio creates Planners and Wall Calendars (with pockets) that will brighten up any household! They have cute and super organized Mom Planners that I have my eye on for when I become a mom someday.

And, I’ve already added this 2019 Planner to Wishlist because it’s so pretty!

6. Me And My Big Ideas Stationery.

Their Planners and Planner Accessories are so, so, so cool!

They have different lines for teachers, students, kids and stationery crazy women like us who can’t live without planners!

I know that most of the stationery I’ve covered are related to planners but you can’t blame me.

Because I. R. Stationery Addict. *grins creepily*

Planners and Notebooks are my weakness in real life. Therefore, I’d choose a notebook/planner over jewelry any day.



Now, if you’re a fan of Planner Sets, then you’re going to love this. I’m going nuts over this Pastel Planner Box. It’s got:

  • 12 dividers
  • 4 sticker sheets
  • 3 sticky notepads (20 sheets)
  • 1 folder
  • 1 magnet bookmark
  • 1 planner

You can see the Pastel Planner Box here.

7. American Crafts Stationery.

I recently discovered this brand when I was on the hunt for gel crayons. Basically, these crayons are water-soluble. So, you can add a little water and create a beautiful water color effect.

In my opinion, these are very pretty and you should definitely try it out if you’re a budding Creative.

This brand sells everything – from crayons, stickers, cards and envelopes, journals, washi tapes, you name it.

And that brings us to the end of my favorite stationery that I cannot help but go ga-ga over!

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Now, it’s your turn. So, what is your favorite stationery? Is it notebooks? Do let me know in the comments below!

7 Online feminine and pretty stationery shops that creates notebooks, planners, pens and more for girls all over the world. If you're a stationery lover, then this post is your dream destination for cute Stationery featuring Ban Do, Rifle Co, Orange Circle Studio and more.