Most people assume that “Creativity” runs in the blood. But, what if I told you otherwise? What if, I told you that everyone has the same amount of creativity?

And all you need to do is, know how to light that tiny flame that will unleash a torrent of inspiration you require to finish that project.

I find creativity in the littlest of things. Be it, writing on a post-it note, or telling a story to my dogs. You don’t have work that hard to be creative. Here are some easy tips to help you tap into that box of ideas in the corner of your mind.

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The money earned from affiliate links are used to feed my poor, hungry dogs.

1. Constantly Doodle

It doesn’t have to be perfect. Let it be a cookie, or a nuclear reactor… just draw it! Drawing anything, something will give you new and fresh ideas. You’ll become a more keen observer.

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2. Read more books

Not only will you gain some valuable insight, but it will also take you to another world. I have created an account on Goodreads.

And I’ve even set a goal to read 50 books this year. I’m super stoked and I can’t wait to actually hit my goal!

3. Call a friend

It will make you happy, bouncy and might just light that spark of inspiration you needed to finish your chores. I usually call my best friend (who lives in another city) once a week, and we chat for a good 2-3 hours.

4. Listen to music

Music relaxes and stimulates the mind. It could give you the inspiration you need to start a new project.

5. Take a quick nap

A tired mind is incapable of brainstorming, and napping usually always makes me feel refreshed.

6. Keep a Dream Diary

Keep a notepad and pen at your bedside table. You have no idea how many dreams have been the solution to my life’s problems. Unfortunately, they all happen at around 3:00 am.

So keeping a diary/notebook by my bedside table has actually helped me note down dreams/ideas.


7. Constantly ask yourself Questions

This will help you expand your mind. A little curiosity never hurt anybody. (Not speaking for that one particular cat)

8. Cook something new and exciting

Try out that recipe which has been handed down generations but is lying locked away in your kitchen drawer.

9. Watch a movie

It can be a Classic, an animated movie or a foreign film. Either way, it will help your mind take a long and much deserved break.

10. Paint

The colors and shapes will fuel your creativity.

11. Take up a new hobby

Life is short and you should enjoy it.

12. Carry a notebook everywhere you go

At any unexpected moment, an idea might pop into your head. Be ready to take it down. I have 2-3 notebooks that I use for different things.

If you love drawing and writing in notebooks, I have a few interesting posts you might like to read:

13. Learn a new language

You can choose to learn just the basics or go all the way. Have you tried Duolingo? It’s a brilliant app that you can download on your phone. I was able to brush up on my French.

14. Play a video-game

Slashing zombies is a wonderful way to not only pass time, but to increase your reflexes and give you a little experience. (In case, zombies take over the world and all)

15. Drink a glass of water

Your brain should always be hydrated, in order to work amazingly well

16. Go out for a walk

That catchy window display might make your day a wee brighter. I usually find interesting things to draw when I take a walk outside. Just the color combination of someone’s outfit or some hot samosas in a street vendor’s cart will light up my mind.

17. Tidy up your desk

An organized desk, will de-clutter even the mind. There are times, when I have major art-block. And re-arranging thing clutter on my desk actually makes me feel loads better!

18. Browse Pinterest

If you’re looking for fresh ideas and inspiration, this is your best bet.

19. Go somewhere new

Don’t take that boring old route for your morning jog. Turn left. Or right. Venture new places!

20. Play with your pet

Your pup is lonely and just wants some love. Don’t deny her your affection. After all, she lives her whole life for you and only you. (No, this isn’t blackmail)

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21. Sing while you do your chores

It will keep your spirits uplifted even during the most mundane of chores.

22. Research randomly

Research articles on line. I love reading articles about Lifestyle/Health/Fitness/Design/Marketing/Blogging when I’m bored. And it really help me increase my efficiency, when I’m coming up for ideas, or trying to work a pitch for a deadline.

23. Don’t be afraid to fail

You can’t be perfect, no matter how much you try. Cut yourself a break, a maybe a big slice of chocolate cake. Yum.

24. Daydream

This is probably one habit, I was born with and can never get rid of. Random thoughts strung together will help you land on one that is extremely useful.

25. Write down a fantasy

This is just for fun.

26. Drink your favorite tea

Relax your mind and your throat with a nice old fashioned cup of freshly brewed tea.

27. Have an open mind

This is very crucial if you want to be creative. You can’t dismiss an idea because it is too modern or not to your liking. Being open minded helps you connect with different people and together you can achieve something beyond your wildest dreams.

28. Dance

(like no one is watching –except your dog because she can’t tell anyone what she saw) 😉

29. Make an interesting list

I love making lists. In fact, this blog post you’re reading is a list.

30. Share your ideas with friends and family

They might add to your ideas and you will be fueled to get more ideas!

31. Watch an old cartoon

This will not only kick in nostalgia but will also bring back many more ideas you may have stored away for a rainy day. Now that I have two dogs, I love watching Arthur with them.

32. Take a deep breath

Do this when you’re angry, frustrated and have reached your creative block.

33. Cut out some magazine articles (that you love) and keep them in a box

Open this box, when you are totally stumped. You may be surprised at how many you’ve forgotten about.

34. Forgive yourself for your past mistakes

We are all human. Nobody is perfect. Learn to live with yourself and accept others for what they are. It will help make the world a better place

35. Reset your goals

Wake up every morning and write down your goals for the day. It will help you keep a track of what you need to finish.

36. Listen more, talk less

This one is a toughie for most people. But I learned, that if I talk less and listen more, I get to acquire so much knowledge. I get to observe people and learn from their mistakes. I become aware of people and my environment. This is very important if you want to grow your business.

37. Write a story

You can do this when you’re stuck waiting for your partner to finish his shopping. I usually write down little stories that I make into comics later.

38. Light some scented candles

This relaxation technique works wonders. The gentle dim flame helps your mind focus and concentrate better. Also, did you know that scent is connected to your memory?

39. Travel to exotic places

Be it a religious pilgrimage or a relaxing holiday, this is the best way to unwind and have a fresh start.

40. Spice up your work desk with DIY fancy items and photo frames.

Yes, you do require some amount of creativity to make this happen. But today DIY is a fast growing hobby and not only is it fun, but it has beautiful results.

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41. Focus on one thing at a time.

This is crucial to not only being creative but will also help you finish your projects. Take it easy. One step at a time. Break big projects into little parts. Completion should be your ultimate goal.

42. Wear clothes that you love.

Don’t be afraid to show who you are and step out to dazzle the world. I’ve recently started developing a liking towards clothes. And I want my clothes to reflect my personality. So, I take extra effort in picking out what I like.

43. Solve a sudoko puzzle/crossword

Nothing beats training your mind to do something harder.

44. Try something new

Don’t be afraid to take risks. Learn to say “Yes” more often.

45. Laugh at yourself once in a while

Taking criticism constructively will help you grow as a person.

46. Be thankful for everything you have

Gratitude promotes self-contentment.

47. Go to a factory and learn how something is made

*Chocolate Factories can be your number 1 Option*

48. Get a good camera and learn to take photos or shoot your own videos

This is one hobby that will take you very far in life. Shooting videos can be a full-time online business. Here is a list of cameras that Youtubers use for their videos!

49. Look out the window

This will relax your mind and help you come up with great ideas.

50. Practice Yoga

I’ve never tried yoga until recently, and I realized that it improved my posture and flexibility to a great extent. Simple breathing exercises can result in wonders to your overall system.

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What’s your favorite way to light up your creativity? I’d love to know!


I really hoped this list helps you overcome whatever obstacles are blocking your path to awesomeness.